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Points for Credit

Select & Pay with Points

Select & Pay with Points

Enjoy the ease and flexibility of downsizing your Card bills, anytime, anywhere, by using your Membership Rewards points to pay for any purchase made with your American Express® Card.

1,000 Membership Rewards points is currently equal to S$4.80 spent, but please note that this may change

Get even more from your points

You can also use Select & Pay with Points on the American Express mobile app while you're out and about. Simply click on a purchase and pay it off with points.

Getting started couldn't be easier:

The steps are simple.

1. Spend with your Card and earn Membership Rewards points with each charge.

2. Login to your online account at

3. Select the charges you would like to offset and the number of points to redeem.

4. The charge will be offset by a statement credit within 72 hours!

1. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, Card Members with an Eligible Card and who are enrolled in the Membership Rewards Programme are eligible to redeem Membership Rewards Points ("MR Points") for a credit to their Card Account for Eligible Purchases using the Membership Rewards Pay with Points (“PWP”) feature. “Eligible Card” refers to an American Express Card issued in Singapore by American Express International Inc., (Singapore branch), excluding American Express Corporate Cards, Gold Credit Cards on cashback option, American Express® True Cashback Card, American Express Singapore Airlines Credit Cards, American Express® CapitaCard and American Express Cards issued by Citibank, Development Bank Singapore, EZ-Link and United Overseas Bank.

2. "Eligible Purchase" means a purchase made using an Eligible Card submitted by a merchant or otherwise recognized by our systems as a charge to the Eligible Card. Please note that these products, services, merchants and categories are subject to change from time to time, without prior notice to you. Only Eligible Purchases are displayed on the PWP page. Non-purchase related charges such as late payment fees and interest rates are not considered Eligible Purchases.

3. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, MR Points redeemed through the PWP feature will be awarded to you in the form of a credit to the Card Account to which the Eligible Purchase was originally charged and that Card Account must be associated with or linked to the Membership Rewards account from which the MR Points are redeemed. If you redeem MR Points for PWP, a credit will appear on your statement identified as "MR Points for Credit".

4. You must redeem a minimum amount of 1,000 MR Points per redemption at any one time against your chosen Eligible Purchases.

5. We require that any credit to your Card Account does not exceed (i) the total amount of your Card statement nor (ii) the equivalent value of the qualifying Eligible Purchases.

6. MR Points can only be redeemed for a credit in respect of an Eligible Purchase after it has appeared on your Card statements. Any purchase transactions that are not reflected on your Card statements cannot be redeemed with your MR Points. Only (i) 150 Eligible Transactions, or (ii) such Eligible Transactions that have been incurred over the current unbilled cycle and the last 2 billed cycles, will be displayed for purposes of redemption.

7. American Express may amend the time frame in which Eligible Purchases are eligible for reimbursement through certain redemption channels; however, we will provide notice of this. Eligible Purchases and the MR Points rate required to pay for the Eligible Purchase, may be changed from time to time without notice to you.

8. You will not be able to make a PWP redemption request for an Eligible Purchase until that purchase has been billed to your Card Account. Your Card Account may not be credited until a subsequent billing period after the original Eligible Purchase was charged to your Card Account.

9. You must not withhold any payment due on your Card Account based upon your expectation of receiving a future credit to your Card Account.

10. If you have an American Express issued Credit Card in which you earn MR Points, a credit to your Card Account as a result of using PWP does not constitute a payment to your Card Account and does not satisfy the requirement to pay the minimum payment due. You must still make a separate payment of at least the minimum payment due in accordance with the Card Member Agreement and billing statement. Minimum payment due must be paid for in cash and MR Points cannot be used to offset minimum payment due.

11. We may suspend redemption of MR Points for PWP where the Card Account or your other accounts are not in good standing (overdue or in collection).

12. It can take up to 72 hours to transfer MR Points and issue the PWP credit to your Card Account. If you have a credit card, you may be charged interest (if applicable) if any interest-free period expires before the transfer of MR Points (and issue of PWP credit) to your Account. You should allow yourself sufficient time to redeem your MR Points before the payment date of your card statement.

13.The PWP feature is available on the American Express Mobile App, online or via the American Express Customer Service. Please note that a service fee of 800 additional MR Points will be deducted from your Membership Rewards Programme Account for all redemptions made through the American Express Customer Service. By using the PWP feature, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and to the full Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions. Redemption of MR Points for PWP is not refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances unless otherwise agreed by us.